Why You Should Embrace the Sneaker Trend

Posted on: 18/11/2015, by @theodorahennessy

With activewear becoming everyday attire, it is no surprise that people love wearing sneakers with their everyday outfits. What were once considered the shoes that one would only wear to the gym or on their walk to work, are now considered cute alternatives to heels. At first, I was uncertain how I felt about sneakers being incorporated into my actual wardrobe but after seeing some of my favorite street style stars wearing the trend, I came around to it. Here are some of the best looks.

This sporty look is perfect for a fall day. It brings together, sneakers, an oversized sweatshirt and a leather jacket to top it off. What could be more perfect?

The ripped jeans look is so in right now. This is something I thought I would never say again. Mixing the ripped jeans and plain white sneakers is the perfect 90s meets 2015 look.

This eclectic outfit would be nothing without the sneaker wedges. Isabel Marant's creation will forever be remembered, as well as endlessly copied.

New Balance sneakers used to be reserved for Dads and Grandpas but that is no longer. They're now the ultimate normcore accessory. Pair them with black pants and an oversized coat and you'll look like the ultimate fashion girl.

White sneakers, oversized jeans and a pastel coat should be the new Little Black Dress.

This look mixes what could be a look one would wear to Wimbledon with what one would wear to Coachella. It's the perfect contrast.

Adidas' Stan Smith sneakers are everywhere right now. They match with everything and even make sense with this white skirt and pink sweater.

The sneakers are so unexpected for this outfit that they are almost the best part. One would never expect to see that much tulle which sneakers beneath them. This girl took a risk and it paid off.

This is a dress one would expect to see with some black heels but instead there are sneakers involved. Not only does she look comfortable but she managed to make the look seem put together. This look alone could have sold me on the trend.