Why the Long Bob Should be Your Next Haircut

Posted on: 23/11/2015, by @theodorahennessy

We all reach a point where we know we MUST change our hairstyle. Whether it be because we're going through a tough breakup and need a change or we've just reached a point of complete boredom. Whatever the reason, it is often difficult to decide which direction to go in. If you are in this position now, the direction to go in is a long bob, aka a "Lob". This style looks great on everyone because you can make it your own. You do not have to cut it super short, like a traditional bob. You can adjust it to be whatever you would like. Here are some examples of this look on various women, all with different facial features and looks.

Olivia Palermo

Natalie Portman

Margot Robbie

Kate Beckinsale

Jennifer Connelly

Charlize Theron

Brooklyn Decker

Jennifer Aniston

Anne Hathaway

Jennifer Lawrence

Lauren Conrad

Emma Stone

All of these women have the style but have the ability to make it completely their own. It's effortlessly chic and such an easy style to maintain. It makes your hair feel lighter and healthier and is the perfect solution to hair boredom.