Which hairstyle suits your personality best?

Posted on: 21/12/2015, by @NikitaK

Whats your hair glam style?


One style really doesn’t fit all when it comes to hair do’s and it can be a difficult task deciding on a look, especially as party season is in full swing. Are you the type to spend hours on your locks before a night out or do you prefer a more natural finish? Rest assured that whatever your personality, there is a solution...




The easy twist and pin for the laid back kind of chick

The twist and pin is one of the quickest hairstyles to do and will only take you around a minute to achieve! Success! You want to start by sectioning out a one inch piece of hair from either side and twist it away from your face. If your hair is on the finer side be sure to tease the strand with a comb beforehand and finish with hairspray to keep the hair in place. Once you have positioned the hair correctly on the scalp, secure with two neutral coloured hair slides over each other diagonally, in opposite directions.  Check that the slides are neat in a cross position and you are good to go. Yes, It really was that simple!


For the simplistic, casual chick





Romantic tousled locks for the ultra feminine kind of chick

There is nothing prettier than some beautiful soft curls to glam up any evening look! To achieve this look, newly washed hair is an absolute necessity as you want your hair to be as light and as flexible as possible. When the hair is dry, choose a front strand of hair and curl up to the mid point of your hair length with a hot curling wand (sectioning is not essential as it is more of a natural look.) Repeat this on both sides and be sure to stick to the same mid point of the hair as this will ensure you finish with waves rather than dramatic ringlets. After you have curled all the way round, lightly brush through the strands, making them softer and more Marilyn Monroe like. Once you have shaped your waves, spray them lightly with hairspray and you are ready to party!


For the girly, lady like chick





Elegant side bun for the sophisticated kind of chick

Who said buns had to be complicated? It helps if you think about the this hairstyle in two sections. The first section is proportions. You need to separate your hair into sections, the crown, the sides and the top should all be clipped together. The bottom of the hair should be left open to create your bun. Angle and create your bun on the right side of your scalp and pin roughly into place. The second part is additions. Once this is done start twisting the bundles of hair from your other section and wrap them around the bun, one by one. You should be left with a wispy, fairytale like up do! Timeless and easy.

For the timeless, vintage chick





The Beehive (the queen of all hairdo’s) for the flat out glamorous kind of chick

If you don’t mind spending an hour or so on your perfect do, this is a great look for you. The first thing you need to do is organise your fringe. Bangs should be left out of the equation and kept neatly in place. Do not backcomb any short strands of hair! Next, with a bristled tease comb you need to lift the top layers of hair and backcomb vertically on the bottom of the strands. You should rub the comb up and down the hair without touching the top side of the strand, backcombing is strictly only for the bottom! Once you have done a section, apply a generous amount of long lasting hairspray and gently smooth the top layer down with a regular comb to even out the volume. When it is all levelled out, twist the hair up and secure with slides to keep it in place.  After the actual beehive is created, style the bottom layers loosely with a curling tong and reapply hairspray all over the hair. Now everything is in place, you can go wild on the dance floor without a care in the world...

For the experimental, beauty fanatic chic





Now thats sorted, you’ve got no excuse not to look fabulous this season!