Which coat style flatters your figure?

Posted on: 21/12/2015, by @NikitaK


Coats are definitely one of the most important fashion items this season. They are usually the first thing people see when you’re out and about on a cold day and it is crucial you get the look right! We all have unique body types and some styles may suit you more than others. The guide below breaks it right down for you and tells you what to look for and what to avoid...



  Bear in mind these are tips not rules! This is just a guideline... fashion is all about expressing yourself!






Petite frames

If you have a slightly smaller frame try and look for shorter coats that won’t overwhelm your body shape. They shouldn’t be too long in length and any additions such as intricate designs and fur are a good idea! Quirky extras will give you a nice style pop and really help you stand out. You can definitely pull off some great vintage coats with your build!




Slim narrow frame

Belts are your best friend! To instantly shape your body a belt, preferably running mid way through the coat is a definite must! It will allow your bust to look bigger and draw attention to your small waist. Hello hourglass silhouette!





The secret is tailoring. You want to accentuate your natural curves as much as possible. Fitted coats will highlight your feminine spots as well as show off your frame. A mid length coat with a nipped in waist is a great choice! Avoid anything too loose or baggy as this may make you look wider than you actually are!




Pear Shaped

Is your bottom half bigger than your top? The bell shaped skirt is a definite way to go for this body type! It will draw attention to your lower half without clinging. Any unfitted cut at the bottom half will help balance your body beautifully! Avoid any design near the bottom including pockets as this will only exaggerate the proportions. Peplum coats are a great option too as they flatter all curvaceous body types!   




Strawberry Shaped

Busty ladies with narrow hips are strawberry shaped. For this figure you want to avoid any bright colours and designs on top as this will make you look top heavy. Lower necklines and buttonholes are also important as it will flatter the shape of your bust as well as give your figure a more curvaceous appearance. For this shape I would avoid any belts and designs around the mid area as this make your chest look bigger. Fitted with non padded shoulders are the way to go!


Coat galore! What style will you go for this season?