Traditional African Style Trend & How To Wear It

Posted on: 30/07/2015, by @magnetlook

An emerging trend this season is african prints, colours and shapes. Iro and Buba is a traditional style worn in various places since ancient times in Africa, both young and old women wore this for special occasions, which is still worn till today. However, Iro and buba have been brought back into fashion with a massive and stylish difference, in which people can wear it on special events and on a normal basis.

Tiffany Amber’s 2011 collection Fearless Luxury

Here is a picture of Angela Simmons, we love the way she wears this trend with her braid in a bun, a red lipstick, pair of glasses and nude Louboutins. She looks classy and casual.

Where can I wear this? How can I wear this?

This outfit can be worn to special occasions, weddings and church. If you would like to make your outfit stand out more, try adding an elegant necklace such as a statement necklace or beads necklace. For shoes either wear a sandal or pointed heels to complete the outfit.

In this picture her Iro (wrapper skirt) is medium length and she mixed this with a plain buba (top).

This is a Silk Chiffon Print. Her Iro (wrapper skirt) is long and her buba (top) is the same print as her bottom.  She is wearing a gold sandal heels and a simple necklace with a big stud earing.

Picture taken from instagram @topefnr

As I mentioned before, this can also be a basic outfit with a sandal or flat shoes on.

Picture taken from instagram @topefnr

Watch Tutorial On How To Tie Iro & Buba

How Can I Get This Made/Where Can I Buy?

This can be made by an African tailor or tailor familiar with this style of fashion. Alternatively you can order yours from

Written by guest blogger Gloria Ekolie

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