The Best Smokey Eye Tutorials (Beginner Friendly)

Posted on: 30/07/2015, by @magnetlook

A smokey eye can add a new dimension to a makeup look, but learning how to do one is not the easiest of makeup techniques to learn. From bold and colourful, too dark and fierce and neutral and natural there are so many options for a perfect smokey eye for each and every person on this planet!

We love smokey eyes so much, we want everyone to be able learn how to master a perfect smokey eye for themselves. Below is our top five smokey eye tutorials.

Spring Metallic Smokey Eye

Don’t know whether to go with a bold smokey eye or more neutral look, then strike a balance and go with both. For a smokey eye that will shimmer through spring, watch Jaclyn Hill teach you the perfect neutral metallic smokey eye, with a pop of blue.

Smokey Eye For Hooded & Monolid Eyes

If you have hooded or monolid eyes, you will probably know it is a challenge nailing a perfect smokey eye. Standard smokey eye tutorials just don’t cut it for those that do not have a prominent upper eyelid crease. Let Beautybyjj give you tips and tricks on how to nail a smokey eye that will work for your eye shape.

Find Out What Your Eye Shape Is

Wondering what your eye shape is? Here is Wayne Goss explaining the different eye shapes and advice to best accentuate your eye shape. From standard, too protruding, monolid, wide set or close set, his got it all covered for you.

Natural Smokey Eye

If there is one makeup look, you need to master, then the natural smokey eye look has to be the winner. You can wear this look anywhere, with any outfit and personality. Watch Shirley demonstrate how to create a flawless natural smokey eye.

Bold Smokey Eye

Surprise, shock and stun them with a bold show-stopping colour such as yellow. Watch Melissa show you steps towards mastering a bold smokey eye.

Dark Smokey Eye

If you need something more dramatic, then this sultry and seductive classic smokey eye by Lauren is the tutorial foryou.This smokey eye tutorial is perfect for a night out in the city, it’s also very beginner friendly!