Posted on: 29/10/2015, by @AmyElizabeth

Although the life expectancy of an avocado lasts about as long as some of our past relationships, you may want to consider giving this green fruit a chance. Rich with minerals and anti-oxidants, this multi functional produce should be a vital part of your weekly shop.
(Along with tea bags and cheese of course). 

The antioxidants in the fruit help to detoxify your body and make your skin appear full and supple. You could mash avocado and apply to your face with a squeeze of lime for a vitalising D.I.Y facemask, add to one of your meals for a delicious added bonus, or mix one up in a blender with milk for a revitalizing drink. Whichever technique you prefer, your skin will feel invigorating and have a natural warm glow!
     The antioxidants in an avocado can be extracted by creating oil, which can help protect your skin from UVA rays and other environmental damage. Our skin is one of our most significant organs, so we need to learn to love and nurture it! 


      Initially, it was the Egyptians who discovered that this fruit could help assist with hair growth and also prevent hair loss. Similar to coconut oil, the raw state of the fruit can be easily absorbed into your hair and used as a hair mask. It’s vitamins and minerals strengthen and protect your hair from various chemicals and heat through natural UV rays and styling products. This is great news for the ladies who have been trying to grow princess hair since they were fifteen, or are fed up with clipping in fake hair onto their scalp.
Your locks will feel shiny and silky without paying the salon price.


As well as having positive visual affects on your appearance, avocados have remarkable properties that will benefit you internally!
    Enriched with fats and fibres, the fruit can lower your blood cholesterol and dramatically decrease the risk of cancers and provide your immune system with plenty of nourishment. What’s more, the amount of potassium in this super food can help lower blood pressure levels. 


In a world where we consume numerous chemicals and toxins that we never see in our beauty products, consider using this delicious fruit as the answer. Being mindful about what you put in your body is just as vital as what you put on it; so think again before you break the bank with luxurious products and various skin regimes. 



You’ve seen it here, it’s evident that avocados can turn a stressed, dry scalped, run down working gal into a calm and collected person with glowing dewy skin, whip worthy hair and flawless skin. 





Amy xox