Magnet Look Men: Liam Hemsworth's Laid-back Style

Posted on: 23/10/2015, by @nika_kask

Honestly! Does it get any hotter than Hemsworth!

This gorgeous, talented Australian individual rocked Hollywood the moment he stepped foot in it. For someone so young (believe it or not, he is only 25), so talented, so incredibly well mannered, nice, handsome and stylish it didn’t take long to win girls’ hearts and various producers’ interests.

This Australian blue-eyed gifted persona wowed us in Hunger Games and since that moment on he’s remained in the spot light of our interest and curiosity.  Like virtually any Hollywood star, Liam had a taste of his Hollywood heartbreak, making him even more adorable to the female audiences. His former bae, the Wrecking Ball singer Miley Cyrus broke his heart after ending their engagement and moving onto bigger things in life, like twerking. Sigh…

Anyhow, apart from his acting career and a rocky love life, what’s also caught our interest when it comes to this Aussie stunner is his personal fashion style.

Attractive, tall and naturally gorgeous, with his trademark facial hair and ocean-blue eyes, this Aussie’s style that may be easily described as laid-back, took us by such surprise! By the by, Hemsworth is 191 cm tall so it takes real talent and careful planning  to manage to look THAT hot while at the same time making it appear super effortless!

The Hunger Games hunk brought a hint of Australian chic with him when he first sported a lighter jean, dark casual shirt and a cap on. You’d think this would be the last thing on the planet a star would want to be spotted wearing, but the way he wore it - totally bedazzled us! We were all curious to see where he’d take the rest of it but from when we first caught him on the fashion radar to this point, he’s never failed us, always kept us on our toes! He’s cultivated a flawless fashion style that would later copy many Hollywood a star which, apparently, landed him a position of one of the Hollywood’s male fashion icons. No wonder!

Word on the street is – when he’s doing photo shoots, he gets very specific about his clothing choices. In fact, he is known to often ask for a few personal pieces to mix and match with the already existing array of choices, even if that’s only a tie, a hat or – in the case of his shoot three years ago – a snake! Well, obviously, he didn’t ASK for a snake but he was cool and comfortable enough to manage it!

His usually laid back, effortless but impeccable style heavily relies on the fact he’s got a muscular body, natural beauty and good posture, so basically – anything he wears, sticks. Yum!

However, it’s not all great genetics and casual clothes with Mr H. We’ve seen him stun on the red carpet in his tailored suits and custom dress shirts, usually combining color on color for an added effect. When he’s keeping it classic, he’ll opt for a grey/black suit with a timeless white shirt and black tie combo and black shoes.  Whoever said traditional cannot be thrilling…

The Dressmaker star (starring opposite Kate Winslet) carries his manly chick well and is keeping it toned down with his color choices. There’s nothing wrong with keeping things safe as long as they are exciting – and with Liam, they so are!

His combinations of tailored suits and shirts always fit like a glove and when he walks, moves or just casually stands talking to curious (and usually smitten reporters!), the clothes speak for themselves. I love it, don’t you?