She wore what, at Paris fashion week?!

Posted on: 16/10/2015, by @magnetlook


Yes that's right, as his audience sat back in disbelief, American designer Rick Owens had his models walk the catwalk dressed in mesh, motorcycle helmets and EACH OTHER! This collection stole our attention away from the models beauty and focused more on its contrasting collaboration of fabrics, textures and colours. It's safe to say this show was a head turner and although it caught the attention of hundreds labelled by many as 'one of the most bizarre catwalks of Fashion Week', this was not your typical Spring/Summer collection.  

Owens Spring/Summer '16 collection was called 'Cyclops' and was inspired by a combination of Greek mythology, womanhood and unity! He explained during interviews how he wanted his collection to represent the strength and power of womanhood. I feel Owens decision to cover the womans faces and focus on their bodies having them harnessed to one another gave out a very powerful message of its own. Drawing his audiences attention away from the faces, and their individual characters, focusing on the womans bodies displayed a very strong message of unity, sisterhood and motherhood. This bold decision physically displayed the strength and power of both the woman harnessed together supporting one another and striving in unity to share and achieve a focused vision.

The show commenced in a very seemingly tame fashion as a simple sound track began to play and models took to the cat walk. The show was beautifully designed as the pace was then cleverly built and heightened with the introduction of trumpets and a live vocalist who created this very tense, captivating and almost hypnotic atmosphere, before models wearing fellow models took to the runway and the show grew to a crescendo!

I personally couldn't think of a more powerful and inspirational way to end Fashion Week! 
What were your most compelling moments from Paris Fashion Week?