Ready, Steady, Cook...your face!

Posted on: 12/12/2015, by @NikitaK

Baking isn’t just for culinary purposes, who knew?

Ah! Concealer! Both friend and foe. On sleep deprived days, arguably a girls best friend. On days where it decides to crease and settle into your fine lines though...not so much. For those unfortunate days, I have found the cosmetic solution, Baking. This is where you allow powder to sit on your skin for elongated periods of time before blending, preventing creasing and fine lines under your eye area. It also allows your complexion to look smooth and flawless, if applied correctly. The method of Baking has been regularly used within Drag for hundreds of years, but has only recently gone viral thanks to popular social media gurus and Kim Kardashians makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. Can’t wait to try it? I've got you covered with my step by step guide.


1) Moisturise and then when you think you are done- moisturise some more.
Seriously. Overlooking this simple step could end badly. You need to prep your skin thoroughly before Baking. This is so that the skin remains a smooth and reliable base for all the various types of products and textures you are going to work with. When you feel enough product has been applied, allow five-ten minutes for your skin to absorb any greasiness or residue. Chanel Hydra Beauty Cream





              Quick tip: For the evening, avoid moisturisers that contain SPF as they will flashback in photography.                                                                                 

 2) Grab a full coverage concealer.
A thick concealer will give you amazing coverage and with our creasing worries eliminated, why not? You want to apply the concealer in an upwards motion from the apples of your cheeks and blend all the way around the eye area. A damp beauty blender is said to add more of a natural glow to the skin, rather than the “cake faced” look many professionals despise. Illamasqua Skin Base Lift



                              Quick Tip: Illamasqua are known for their good quality and high coverage concealers. 


3) Hello, Second layer.
To achieve a truly flawless finish dab on a sheer second layer and again, work in the product with a damp beauty blender. After this, any visible creasing or uneven areas should be buffed out with a fluffy medium sized brush before the powdering stage. If you feel this may be too much coverage, you can always skip this step but essentially you want your second coat to help lock in the pigmentation of the first.


4) Sprinkle over with translucent powder.
Lightly dust over the concealed areas with translucent powder. This will set your base. Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder




5) Time to get your make-up baking
The time has come! Dampen a wedged sponge with a cosmetic setting spray and dip it into the same translucent powder you used in step four. You then want to pack the powder on generously over the area in which you applied the concealer. Once you are sure all areas are evenly covered, you should leave the powder on the face to sit for five-ten minutes. MAC Fix +




                               Quick tip: Mac’s Fix + is a great setting spray which has a number of cosmetic uses!


6) Dust it all off
To get your finished result you need the same medium sized fluffy brush you used in step 3 and ideally another brand of translucent powder. Lightly coat the brush with the new translucent powder and then buff out the original powder on the face with it. This will ensure you get rid of any excess as well as fully cover any stubborn imperfections.


                               ...And you can put your brushes down. Success. You are officially baked to perfection!

Nikita Kharbanda