Makeup Brushes that you should invest in!

Posted on: 21/12/2015, by @NikitaK



Brush away imperfections with these beauties...


Artis Brushes

Artis brushes are a luxury brand known for their odd toothbrush like appearance. They are an oval shape with thousands of fibers packed in them to give you a finish with amazing coverage. The brushes are elegantly designed and known for their convenient and speedy makeup application. They have recently gone viral in the blogging world with many famous YouTubers using them in their videos as well as makeup artists. To apply product you are meant to softly glide the fibers over the face and blend. The finish is said to be airbrushed to perfection! These are definitely unique products that any makeup lover should try out!




Sigma Brushes

Sigma brushes are known for their wide range and quality. These are another favourite with YouTubers and are definitely a reliable brand. Sigmas collection includes unique brushes such as; the 3DHD and the F56 accentuate highlighter; both of which have original designs. A plus about buying from Sigma is that if you’re not sure about whether or not to purchase a brush, there are hundreds of reviews available online, making it easier for you to come to a decision. Sigma brushes are great quality without the huge price tag! Why wouldn’t you pick these up? 




Real Techniques

Real Techniques is a brand created by two beauty bloggers who understand the need of the average consumer. Their simplicity is a definite selling point with the colour coded handles indicating the stages they should be used on the face. Pink is for finish, yellow is for base and purple is for the eyes. This is a handy and convenient idea especially for beginners in makeup. In saying that, the brushes are still highly professional as they work on any texture from powders to cream to liquids. Real techniques are 100% cruelty free and the ultimate must have for your every day makeup routine!





MAC brushes are extremely famous and are popular with many experienced makeup artists. There are specific brushes that are more well known than others such as; the 217 blending brush and the 184 duo fibre fan brush.  Both are popular and used frequently in the industry. The best thing about MAC brushes is that they are of high quality and will last you a long time. Its money well invested! 




Bobbi Brown 

Bobbi Brown like Artis brushes are high end. These are for makeup artists and lovers that really want to invest into their kit. Bobbi Brown brushes are known for their soft texture and long lasting quality. The only problem with these brushes is that you may need to buy them individually rather than in sets as Bobbi Brown do not have many brush collections available.




                                                          Now you are ready to spice up your makeup kit!