All About The Base! The beauty secrets that will change your make up game forever!

Posted on: 16/10/2015, by @magnetlook

Ready, Set, Prime!

So many of us are guilty of spending maybe just a little more than we should have during our make up hauls on our favourite brands and designers. I mean who can blame us? The start of a new season means a whole new shade of colours and tones (obviously) need to be purchased and played with. And who's going to argue with that? We mean, we're most certainly not! But...... one thing that we simply couldn't stress enough girls is the importance of prepping your face beforehand. What's the point in spending hundreds of pounds (shh we wont tell anyone if you wont) on these beautiful products, to just let them crease and melt off your face before its even reached lunchtime?! In the wise words of Meghan Trainor it truly is 'All about the base' !

Feast your eyes on the beauty secrets that will change your make up game forever!

We like to begin our pre make up ritual with a rich moisturizing cream. Skin care plays such an important part in creating a sleek and smooth make up look. Dehydrated skin will cause; flakey, patchy and an uneven finish therefore its essential to keep the skin well hydrated. We love Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer! It's oil free formula means that it's perfect for all skin types making this one friendly for girls with even the oiliest of skin. It ensures that your skin is kept well hydrated and make-up glides on smoothly without leaving a thick greasy film. The next step in this beauty secret is the application of a great primer! We recommend Benefit The Pore Professional Face Prime! Primer not only blurs out any lines or pores but also allows your foundation to last much longer. This is because applying primer creates a barrier between your skin and the make up preventing it from entering your pores. Magical we know! When it comes to concealing those dark circles and blemishes we swear by Benefit Boi-ing Full Coverage Concealer! 
But what if I don't have time? We hear you call! What if I miss my alarm or want an extra 10 minutes in bed? Listen girls we hear you and we understand that not every morning you wake up ready to spend a good 45 minutes making yourself look beautiful. BUT that's no excuse to let your skin regime slip and we have the perfect solution! At long last we've found an all in one moisturizer, primer, concealer and BB cream in the form of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer . This cream is perfect for us girls constantly on the go and ensures that our busy lives don't have to jeopardize our beauty!

When applying the rest of your make up such as your foundation, the correct tools are also essential for a long lasting finish. Once tool that we're currently obsessed with is our Beauty Blender! These are perfect for applying your foundation as they don't absorb too much of the liquid. Once your beauty blender has been coated in foundation, use a stippling motion to gain even coverage. Stippling prevents your make up from looking too thick and heavy and is a much better technique than just simply using your fingers to smear your foundation over your face. 

The final secret to ensuring that your make-up lasts longer is to set it. We use both a powder and a finishing spray. Our favourites are MAC Prep+Prime Finishing Powder and MAC Prep + Prime FIX. Their mineral rich formulas work to set your make up whilst giving it a sleek and silky finish.

Do you have any beauty secrets that you're dying to share with us? We can't wait to hear all about them!
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