How to Style Over Knee High Boots

Posted on: 02/11/2015, by @vvntran

As stated by Nancy Sinatra... "Boots are made for walkin'."

Yes guys, the boots are back in trend! Yesterday evening, I was walking down Oxford Circus and I was totally amazed by how high street stores where pushing sales of knee high boots. I couldn't resist, so I bought myself a pair. Damn you marketing schemes! Over the knee boots works with various body types so don't be scared to give it a try. Petite? Tall? Curvy? Your shoe game will be strong. 

Here are a few tips to style over the knee/knee high boots!

1. Oversized Jumpers

(Ruxanda Loana)

Team up your knee high boots with an oversized jumper to create the perfect outfit for the cold winter days (New Look has an affordable range of jumpers). It is effortless, yet people will assume you spent the whole morning choosing your oufit of the day. Don't forget to layer underneath the jumper to retain heat (Check out Uniqlo's Heattech collection) and adorn yourself with accessories for a more eye catching look, such as a scarf or fedora hat. 

2. Short but Sweet - The Miniskirt 

(Payton Sartain)

Two words. Chic and Classic.
The symbol of rebellious youth culture! For a never ending summer, combine your knee high boots with a miniskirt or a pair of patterned shorts (check out Zara's recent collections of skirts). It's a great way to make you stand out from the crowd. Team up the oufit with a long sleeve sophisticated blouse for a flirty look. This is ideal for a first date, first impressions are always vital!

3. Cheat your way with Socks

(Ariadna Majewska)

Ankle boots and over the knee socks is a fun combination to make your outfit look more interesting. This outfit will decieve your friends since it will appear as if you're wearing over the knee boots from a distance. This combination will also give you the chance to bring out your skirts and shorts during Autumn, so don't put them away just yet ladies! Asos has a huge selection of fantastic ankle boots.

4. Extra Layer, Extra Warmth - Jeans

(Sonik Ubik)

Fashion vs Comfort? You could always choose both! Pair your black over the knee boots with black jeans to create the illusion of elongated legs. It is also a great way to form an extra layer so you can keep extra warm and comfortable during Autumn and Winter. This outfit works well with a bulky knit jumper or an eye popping colour toned coat to create a more appealing look. Levi's 711 black skinny jeans are perfect for this look.


Are you still searching for ankle boots or over the knee boots? There's a great selection at the Magenet Look shop, I advise you to check it out guys!