How to Match Bold Patterns.

Posted on: 27/10/2015, by @chorley1991

I think bold patterns should be in everybody's wardrobes this winter. However if you do there are a few things you should consider; what to wear with them, what colours work and where and when to wear them.

60's & 70's is a popular trend at the moment which involves brave prints. When worn right it can look smart and sophisticated and at the same time alternative. Red is a great colour to wear in winter as well. Red garments with print on are even braver than red on its own, so match a red printed shirt with some black skinny fit jeans to dress it up, or to keep the look casual you could wear with some jean cut shorts and tights to get the sophisticated and hipster look.

Bold prints are perfect for them important occasions, out with friends, celebrations, special trips out or weekends away. Animal print works perfect for this, whether it’s a shirt or a jumpsuit they both ooze class and style. Additionally pair it up with a fur gellet. Animal print works in different colours and styles, you just have to be careful when adding accessories, you should keep it simple and let the garment do all the talking. Keep make up neutral, and spice a leopard print shirt up with some leather look leggings.

Last but not least wearing bold prints on your bottom half is great if you know how to pull it of whether its leggings, trousers, or skirts the same tips still apply. Add a block colour top or shirt. Keep patterns on accessories the same or very similar to avoid over doing it.

Print is great for those fashion focused individuals, that what to stand out and be noticed. From black and white print, to abstract prints there is always something to suit you. 

Thank you for reading I hope these tips help!