How to Master a Tricky Trend like Kendall Jenner

Posted on: 16/10/2015, by @nika_kask

Kendall Jenner wore pretty much everything when on the catwalk. Still, when she puts her heals on the concrete of the streets she has her own defined taste. Yes, when this beauty is not rocking the runways, she is too busy dressing like a boss.

She has proven that she is not only a super-model-in-the-making, but that she can be a major trendsetter, too. We have all lusted to steal her style at least once in the past couple of months and there is nothing strange to it.

Actually, we would be quite surprised if that idea has not crosses someone’s mind. Maybe we cannot release our fashion pirates on Kendall, but we can try to discover the secrets of her “je ne sais qui”.

The Dress-Over-Pants Look

It is so widely known that Kendall was amongst the first ones to sport this trend, so we might as well call it a signature outfit. When she first appeared in this take on South and Central Asian form of dress (shalwar kameez), everyone thought it was a welcomed change after her crop tops and mini-skirts ensembles. It was, in fact, the beginning of her fashion evolution.

From that first appearance in all-white combination to a more recent cobalt dress over black pants. It is quite easy to copy this style. You can do that with a slightly longer tunic and ordinary pants or even leggings. The color combo is up to you.

Off-Duty – Still Stunning

A few people can guess the exact boundary between being overdressed and underdressed for a casual occasion. Kendall Jenner drawn her own line and created a stunningly chic casual style. She can really rock a bomber jacket and skinny jeans, without looking like she has deserted from “Top Gun”. Jumpsuits look perfect on her ideally sculpted body, and white color makes her every outfit more elevated. Trench coats are her fall essentials.

She has all kinds of ways of wearing denim, from skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans to all denim jumpsuit with 70s vibe and denim mini skirt. No matter in what Kendall’s outfits you will find your inspiration, a quality pair of platform brogues is always welcomed. Oh, and leather pants and metallic boots are always a great way to go.

Dress to Possess

Yes, her stylishness is simply possessing us, especially when it comes to those fancy party outfits and those elegant red carpet combinations. We loved her style when she appeared on the fall fashion week in Paris in metallic skirt, cheer pink blouse and silver booties. And we adored that stunning black velvet dress with minimalist sandals she worn for a night out in Paris.

It is easy to copy this style for some special occasion, just browse through women’s dresses offered online and you will find your own little velvet black dress. Remember to accessorize with red lipstick. We honestly think that the siren-red belted dress she wore at the launch party for Estee Lauder's new fragrance was her best choice so far.

If you are trying to find the big secret of Kendall’s stylishness, you will not succeed. Instead, take her as an example and build your own style upon it. After all, there are no two persons that are completely the same. Not everyone can pull off a dress-over-pants look, but if the young Kendall Jenner has thought us anything, that is that everyone should try.