How to make the Metallic look work for you!

Posted on: 02/11/2015, by @chorley1991

Metallic dresses are one of the hottest and biggest trends of this year. Metallic dresses may come in shades of dark gold, pale gold, silver and bronze, among others. The trick is to tone it down, less is more. Because metallic is so bold and out there the best thing you can do is add a black jacket or block colour to either make it smart or casual if you add more metallic or lots of jewellery it could become cheap and almost too 90s.

Metallics go with nearly everything, so they're super easy to style. Just remember: keep it simple. If you have a metallic skirt then you can put a top with it that is the same colour, or pull out one of the colours that is in the metallic fabric your wearing. Again they don't need much styling but using a big handbag and some smart heels would definitely work with your metallic garment.


Match your face with your trendy look with metallic shades in your makeup. Gold and silver are both wearable, and frequently used in smoky eye looks. To make your make up more fun use metallic-inspired shades of purple, green, orange, or even black. Metallic outfits are such a statement on their own you need something to take all the focus of it, and what a better way to do it than with your face, show people you are bold and interesting.