How To Bring Fashion To Silicon Valley?

Posted on: 02/09/2015, by @nika_kask

Silicon Valley has always been a synonym for progress and technological advancement. On the other hand, when it comes to fashion, there wasn’t much that could be said about this IT haven. Time changes everything and there is no reason whatsoever for fashion not to enter Silicon Valley in style.

One of the main reasons for this being so is the fact that more and more women work in Silicon Valley. Wherever a woman sets her feet, fashion designers are bound to follow. This year, the very first Silicon Valley Fashion Week was held, from May 12 to 14th and it was amazing! Robots, drones and other crazy inventions dominated the catwalk and created unforgettable atmosphere. Here are some trends that have inspired some of the most prominent companies to fuse the world of technology and fashion into one, unbreakable combination.

What  could we expect?

At the first sight, it seems that the terms Fashion Week and Silicon Valley don’t belong together. But, what would you say if we told you that there is a way to create something new out of them. During this three-day fashion event, the organizers were trying to emphasize the importance of fashion in this area, where more and more women are being included.

Each showcase had a different theme. For example, the first night was named “Electronic motion” and it was all about the computer gear and workwear. The Wednesday catwalk was all about wearable tech, where the most amazing and glowing accessories and clothes could be found. Finally, during the last runaway on Thursday, that was organized by crowdfunded companies, including brands such as Ministry of Supply, Timbuk2 and Heidi Lee.

What could we see?

This summer is all about bright and nude colors, the retro prints like polka dots, chevron and stripes, metallic and shiny clothes that marked parties in the ‘70s, sexy black dresses, chic boho and hippie look by Salwar Kameez and so on. Now, you’re probably wondering if there is a way for us to incorporate such fashion trends into the tech world, instead of, lets say, always posh custom tailored suits which are a clear sign you’re in some big corporate business. Well, according to this year’s Silicon Valley Fashion Week, it seems that it’s hardly possible. Instead of such pieces, we were more likely to observe a lot of apparel embellished with LED lights, space suits, disco ball helmets, gladiators covered with LEDs, 3D printed jewelry. Sounds like a perfect apparel for wild clubbing nights, huh? Since the apparel was carried by drones and robots, many of the onlookers weren’t there for the sake of fashion, but just because they were interested in what the catwalk would look like.

Are we ready for such changes in the IT world?

According to this fashion week, it seems that we are. Before the sole organization and runaway, it was really questionable whether it is possible for us to accept the changes introduced. Although many were complaining about the lack of tech innovations, it seems that the entire impression was more than positive. What most impressed the onlookers is the fact that the items ranged from super-whimsical such as Drum Pants to something more useful like Electroloom, activity trackers that are put in the bras, glowing jackets that give more visibility to the cyclists at night, as well as the light-up hoodie.

All in all, Silicon Valley Fashion Week is by all means a positive experience that will lead us to completely new dimension of the world of technology. Now, we cannot say anymore that fashion and technology don’t belong together, which is of an immense importance for women working in this area. The world and rules are changing rapidly. Who knows, one day we might be the onlookers at the catwalk designed by robots. Wait and see! Till then, prepare yourself and combine your regular, stylish clothes with the latest tech innovations. Have fun!