H&M x Balmain Collaboration

Posted on: 08/11/2015, by @vvntran

‘All the elements that make up the powerful Balmain silhouette are in this collection.’ - Oliver Rousteing

On Thursday 25th November, it was the biggest day of the year for H&M. Also known as Hennes & Mauritz, the company known for their yearly collaborations with luxury designers released their biggest collaboration to date with the almighty fashion house Balmain, leaded by Oliver Rousteing. Balmain are known to have a particualr style; bold, powerful and rich.

When the collection was released, the website crashed for a few hours due to high demand, videos emerged on Twitter showing shoppers going through extreme lengths, now the majority of the items have made there way to eBay ready to be resold. Chaotic isn't the word if you ask me... Was the collection worth investing? Considering the average price for a Balmain dress is over £2,000, the collaboration cut down to a fraction of that price. No wonder every piece sold out within a few hours (except for the unpopular ribbed boob tube). However, the resell price of the items have reached more than double the amount of the RRP. 

Check out the campaign video below!

The campaign was supported by the ultimate supermodel pack - Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn. Oliver Rousteing kept the collaboration low key for several months - how did he do it?! Until he arrived at the Billboard music awards alongside with BFFS Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn wearing previews of the collection which created a complete buzz world wide! Yes, of course this created a calamity on social media platforms, what a way to create word of mouth!

Billboard Music Awards 2015

The H&M and Balmain collaboration created a bond between the luxury and retail sector of the fashion industry. This is certainly a clever way to introduce luxury brands to the overcrowded retail market. “You can give people who can’t afford it a chance to buy it. It’s amazing to touch another range of customers and another range of ages,” as stated from Oliver Rousteing himself.  But let's all agree, us consumers are easily enticed by designer gear for less. 

Overall the collection was so elegant and intricate. I was drawn into the delicate beautification of the garments, specifically the beaded dresses and the strict tailoring of the jackets *round of applause.* Here are my top two pieces from the collection with different price points, I styled them with items from luxury and retail stores. Which one do you prefer?

Gold symbolises strength and superiority. Perhaps this was the reason Mr Rousteing injected gold into the vains of the collaboration. Adorning a woman with the colour gold makes them feel dominant, this is the main reason why I have a strong appreciation with the H&M x Balmain collection. Who's next in line for the H&M 2016 collaboration? Some say Marc Jacobs would be ideal? Kenzo? Or maybe Miu Miu? Only time will tell...