Friends defining fashion (and life)

Posted on: 19/11/2015, by @AmyElizabeth


The hit 90's comedy series Friends might have ended eleven years ago, but Chandler’s one-liners and Phoebe’s
smelly cat renditions have kept us continually watching. 

(As well as these following life lessons in which we can all live by.....)


1. Playing too much on arcade machines can lead to getting ‘The claw’.
2. Eating too much can lead to the ‘meat sweats’.
3. “How you doin” never fails.
4. Everybody has a lobster
5. Regina Falange and Ken Adams make great fake names.  



We all may know the timings in which the laugh track comes in through each scene, but has anyone noticed how fabulous and fashion forward the girls were in the first couple of seasons?!


It’s evident that vintage and reclaimed clothing is such an influential movement in society today, especially through the up rise of social selling platforms such as Depop and Wavey Garms. Street wear and garment’s today represent nostalgia to the 80’s and 90’s, which we can see has been a fluid trend over the past couple of years. Our generation are seeking comfort and nostalgia in this ever-evolving technological world. 
However, next time you turn your nose up at entering the charity shops on your local high street, think about what money you could save and what bargains you could walk out with. Second hand shops are always Aladdin’s caves filled with every day essentials and one off pieces. 

If we can recognize and pinch style tips from these three luscious ladies then maybe there is hope in becoming a buyer for Ralph Lauren who has an immaculate flat and can rock out on the guitar (ish).




The wonderful thing about dungarees is they are comfy and stylish.
Combine with a turtleneck for warmth during the day or a sparkly crop top at night for a versatile and essential piece to any wardrobe. 

For all those ladies out there who hate taking a bag out on a night out in risk of leaving it the toilet cubicles or loosing your favourite lippy in a drunken makeup re-touch, THEY HAVE POCKETS!
Traditionally they have a front pouch, which is perfect.
You can keep an eye on your belongings and also disguise your drunken eyes by staring downwards. Looking for the perfect dungarees check out Rokit


Pheobe may not be able to sway you to vegetarianism or convince you that she is in fact Regina Falange, but after summer the festival vibes are still within us. Bohemian prints and 70’s flower power have transcended into the high street this season, which is wonderful news. There is now an excuse to dress like a hippy glittery fairy everyday of the week, yay!



A-line skirts have been spreading like wild fire amongst high street stores. To me, they are a beautiful creation. As someone whose hips don’t lie they create a flattering silhouette, nipping you in at the waist and subtly fanning out at knee length.
      As winter is creeping up on us, it’s no longer acceptable to wear sliders or flip-flops. Sturdy, staple and simplistic shoes are needed for this season and Monica is kiiiiiiiilling it.
   Alas, the knitted crop top. Conveying an American Apparel preppy vibe, this is also a wardrobe essential until Christmas time when we pack on the pounds to ‘stay warm’.

As Ross once said to Joey; ‘Im still carrying a little holiday weight’.  

Here are a few links to help you achieve the effortlessly fabulous friends looks: 

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3.  Denim Popper Skirt 

4.  Orange Mandala Playsuit

Amy xoxo