Five Amazing Christmas Eye Inspirations

Posted on: 30/07/2015, by @magnetlook

Christmas is creeping upon us faster than we can imagine. Once you’ve got your party outfit sorted, some festive eye make up can add an extra splash of fun!

Candy crush:

Make-up artists such as Cando Claudia show us how to add a stripy differentiation to a classic blended eye. With tones of rosy red contrasted alongside crisp white, the candy cane look couldn’t be easier to execute. Add a touch of glitter to make this look even more magical!

Ice queen:

For the perfect way to add frost to your outfit without getting cold is by adding some icicle sparkle to your make-up. Tal Peleg shows us how through a blend of subtle sky blues, smouldering silver and bold white shards, you can create a look that’ll have everyone talking.

Christmas tree sparkles:

To make your eyes glisten like the statement decoration of the season, there is no better of doing this by adding a little tree to your eyes. Elongate green and red stripes to flow into your eye area, matched with coloured mascara. Eva S.P even has an angel on top of her tree with selective diamanté detailing.

Glitter infusion:

It doesn’t need to be Christmas for you to sparkle the night away, however, this season is ideal for extra festive cheer. The larger the pieces, the bigger the impact. Use an eye friendly adhesive such as eyelash glue to ensure these pieces stay in place. Don’t worry if a little falls down your cheek, this will all add to the impact!

Reindeer frolicking:

Instead of dashing through the snow, why not have reindeer dash along your eyes? Tal Peleg shows us that by a combination of snowy sceneries, extra long eyebrow antlers and intricate bauble details that your eyes can be picturesque canvas.