Celebs Who Look Stunningly Young

Posted on: 12/10/2015, by @nika_kask

Celebrities today have to deal with a constant need to look younger. Age has become a thing of the past so many celebs undergo dangerous procedures so they would look eternally young. All of the sudden, it has become clear that younger actors and actresses are getting better roles only because of their age. Moreover, the older ones are put aside since they show signs of aging and are not as desirable as before.

There are many inspiring stories that show how the busiest actors can make time for a healthy life and, in return, look younger and fresher then others. They are very successful and still look stunning.


Julianne Moore

This 54-year-old actress has one of the best body figures in Hollywood. She has found her own recipe for staying fit and still takes everyone’s breath away when walking the red carpet. Her secret are intensive yoga classes three times a week and a personal trainer who helps her on a daily basis. Admitting that she sometimes has problems with keeping up with the routine, she said that eating healthy helps her stall the ageing process.


Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is also known for her young looks although being 51. She emphasizes the importance of making eating plans for the whole week and eats only organic food packed with nutrients, so that she could stand harsh training. But, she said that it is important to let yourself enjoy a good burger from time to time.

Since doing the same workout over and over can lead to boredom, Sandra is combining various workouts such as pilates and kickboxing in the gym, as well as running and cycling as an outdoor activities. She is one of the most active actresses in Hollywood and that is why she is so positive and energetic every time we see her


Jane Fonda

At age of 77, this remarkable person and actress is a true icon. After a life dedicated to movies, she still has the energy to be an activist, to work out and look amazing. She recently launched a line of special work outs for older women and wrote a book about aging gracefully. She said that aging is like climbing up the staircase since you become wiser and more spiritual. She likes who she is and is not afraid of anything. The optimism is her greatest strength and a source of humor, playfulness and longevity.


Hale Berry

This beautiful actress has not changed at all in the past fifteen years and that only means that she is doing something right. Halle Berry is currently 49 and looks better than ever. She could not stress enough how skin care is important to her and explained how she applies a special regime. With cleaning, toning and moisturizing regime, with organic body wash twice every day, she made her face look perfect without any make up.

This habit is a part of her life since she was 14 and she regards it as the most important one. She believes that talking about nutrition at an early age and setting a good example is very important especially for her daughter.

All celebrities are fighting a battle against the harsh prejudice about aging. Everyone uses all resources available, but only those who believe in themselves and take good care are the ones that are remembered.