Posted on: 13/11/2015, by @chorley1991

Without a doubt beanie hats are always on trend at winter. The good thing about beanie hats is that they come in every size and colour you can imagine. There are various different styles due to the different textures and ways of knitting the pattern. Materials are also a big factor in getting the exact style that you want for example fleece, acrylic and wool all produce a different shape and fit.


Additionally pom pom’s are all the rage at the moment, whether it’s a pom pom made out of wool or whether its faux fur or real fur, there Is a style to suit you. Pom poms add a cute and warm appearance, which is great for those long walks through the autumn leaves, or spiced cider at a Christmas market.

The right beanie can complete any outfit. Whether it is a smart, on your way to work look, or a casual hanging out look, a beanie is the right accessory. You can purcahse them from almost any womenswear shops, online or in store. Check out our online store


Beanie hats can be customised by you. Get involved by adding your own pom pom’s this way you have exactly the right colours that you want. Your hat will be unique! They're an accessory suitable for all age ranges!