9 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Fashion Girls

Posted on: 31/10/2015, by @theodorahennessy

For those of you who waited too long to get a Halloween costume in order or neglected to even think about it at all, here are nine ideas to save the day. They range from casual to dressy so there is a good chance you own at least some of the items needed for these looks. At the end of the day, Halloween is all about being an individual and these nine costumes will undoubtedly catch more attention than the cat costume you will see roughly 400 other girls in this weekend.

1. Brigitte Bardot

Showing up dressed as Brigitte Bardot, iconic French actress and singer, will show other party-goers that you possess a level of sophistication and class that one can only dream of. With a relatively simple concept, you could easily find these pieces already sitting in your closet. All you need is a black and white striped shirt, cropped skinny jeans, ballet flats and a thick headband. You will also need to perfect the cat eye, which is a skill that you will love to have even after Halloween is over.

2. Jane Fonda

Why be a basic 80s girl when you can be the lovely Jane Fonda? All you need is black leggings, a black tank top and leg warmers. This costume could not be easier and you are paying tribute to the original workout queen.

3. Jackie Onassis

Jackie Onassis is the perfect costume for those who want to pull a Corey Hart and wear their sunglasses at night. I would recommend never taking them off and being rather reclusive, as Jackie tended to be. If you pair the sunglasses with a simple black turtleneck, black gloves and simple jacket like this one, the costume will not only be simple, it will be a warm one. The concept of a warm, comfortable costume is often overlooked on Halloween.

4. Gloria Steinem

Despite being a somewhat controversial costume, one thing that will not be debated is how great you look. Gloria knew how to draw attention with her perfect hair and oversized glasses. All you will need is a black turtleneck, a long necklace and oversized glasses you can borrow from your stylish grandmother.

5. Kate Moss

This one is by far the easiest on the list. Throw on a tank top, a thin one if you want to be authentic, an oversized leather jacket, jeans and black boots. A benefit of this costume is the fact that if you act a little too crazy at the party you attend, you can tell everyone you were just playing the part. Also, there can be endless discussion about Kate Moss and Johnny Depp’s breakup and the devastation we all still feel.

6. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is the queen of casual. While most people will question if you have even bothered to dress up at all, this costume is bound to land you a prince for husband (as long as you are willing to wait eight years for him to put a ring on it). A blue blazer and a striped shirt will work fine. The essential aspect of the costume that must be absolute perfection is the hair. You will probably have to spend roughly 6 hours ensuring every piece of hair is in place but after that, you are golden.

7. Diane Keaton

This costume is similar to that of Jackie Onassis’. It is more of a personal preference on who you choose to be. One could obviously go the Annie Hall route and go for the vest and tie look. One that is easier and not as overdone is “turtleneck Diane Keaton.” This is the real Diane Keaton. The one we all aspire to be. To add a fun element to this costume, one must openly discuss their love for Woody Allen.

8. Ali MacGraw

It would seem wrong to discuss fashion and not mention Ali MacGraw. This woman got Ryan O’Neal in his prime to fall in love with her so there will always be something to say for that. This scene in Love Story is what it is because of this stunning red dress. Speak with a sharp wit and request that the DJ play Mozart as you make your entrance.

9. Amal Clooney

While this picture may make the costume seem elaborate, it does not have to be. A pair of white gloves and any black dress will do the trick. They key is the white gloves. They seemed so out of place at the Golden Globes that no one has forgotten her entrance. If you want to ensure people know that you are Amal, make sure you openly act like you do not want to be there.