5 Skin Tone Tights That Cater Uniquely To You

Posted on: 02/12/2015, by @NikitaK

  The time has finally come, nude skin tone tights are here to stay!




Tights...every coloured girls worst enemy. You spot a pair and buy them in hopes they’ll actually blend with your complexion but always end up disappointed as they never match! Well not anymore...here are five amazing companies that have broken the barriers and cater to women of all shades! At last...





1) Bianca Miller

 Who doesn’t watch the Apprentice? Last years runner up Bianca Miller has opened up her very own hosiery company right here in the UK (bonus) with tights ranging in an impressive variety of shades from Powder to Mocha. In saying that, it can still be difficult to find your shade online so the company have developed a colouring chart which matches the shade of your foundation to the correct colour of tights for you. Convenience at its finest! Not only is the site; www.biancamillerlondon.com easy to navigate around and decently priced for its quality (£12) but you also get 10% off your next order by simply registering online. Saluting you Bianca! 





2) Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin is a UK luxury brand who prides themselves in being; “A different Kind Of Nude.” They cater specifically for women of colour and have a vast range of hosiery and lingerie to choose from. They explore caramel through to berry tones in shades and offer foundation matching tables on the website so you can see what tone you fall into. The retail prices are surprisingly reasonable at £8.50 for one pair and considering its a luxury market, that is pretty amazing! The passion for the brand really shows through in the products and the owner, Ade Hassan has made quite a name for herself in the industry, bagging “Fashion Entrepreneur Of The Year” at the Great British Entrepreneur  Awards. This is definitely a solid brand!





3) Debenhams

Debenhams have a range called “Naturally Dark and Sheer Tights” which comes in four tanned brown shades; Olive, Bronze, Brown and Dark Tan. They have avoided the glossy look as well as noticeable seams as they wanted to create a truly natural feel with this line.  Although the variety isn’t quite as wide, they retail for just £4.50 and come in various styles such as open toed or with comfort waistbands.  A particular line; “Ready To Reveal” even features moisturising properties in the tights, to keep you 100% hydrated in colder months. 





4) Falke 

Falke is another UK brand offering multiple skin tone options. Their Shelina Tights are extremely popular and have recently received recognition from Grazia, voting them the best natural tights around. There is also a colour guide on the website; www.mytights.com which gives you detailed descriptions of each shade and matches you depending on your eye and hair colour. If that fails to impress you, these beauties are a must have for the wintery season as they’ve been specifically designed to keep your body temperature regulated whatever the occasion! This is all for just under £10! Handy or what?





5) Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly “Nylon Gloss Tights” come in a wide variety of shades to choose from. They are elegantly shaped with a high line brief as well as a reinforced toe. This protects the toes and prevents the tights from laddering ensuring you get good value for money. One pair of tights retail at £6, which is pretty good bang for your buck! The company have a huge selection of fun styles in addition to these, including some wild and daring designs. This is an extremely famous brand from the USA but they also have a UK website and offer free delivery on all orders over £20!


With all these results there’s absolutely no excuse not to go out this party season and flaunt those legs! Stilettos at the ready...