4 Ways To Work Those Ankle Boots

Posted on: 21/12/2015, by @NikitaK

Nothing is more appealing in winter than warm footwear, which is why ankle boots are every woman’s best friend this season. Not only are they convenient and cosy but they're ultra chic which makes them a complete must have for every wardrobe! The question is how do you get the best wear out of them? The secrets to working these beauties are listed below...





1) Minis...mini shorts, mini dresses, mini skirts

Mini items work beautifully with ankle boots as it displays your legs and the full design of the shoes. If you aren’t 100% comfortable with showing too much skin, throw on some tights and you’re good to go! Boots are the perfect addition to mini looks as it amps up the outfit and adds a little extra personality to your style. A 60’s retro look is also easily achievable with this combination.



                                                A polo neck and an a-line skirt would both compliment ankle boots perfectly! 




2) Cropped jeans

Okay so maybe its a bit too cold out to wear minis every day...heres a more covered up alternative. Cropped jeans are great for ankle boots as they still allow them to be on full display as well as giving a more casual spin to the look. Cropped jeans and ankle boots make a seriously good combination as they allow you to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. 




3) Midi length

Before you get freaked out at the title, there are different ways you can pull this look off. Midi skirts and trousers, if worn correctly, look retro and smart with ankle boots. If you are worried that the dimensions of the outfit will make you look shorter, heeled shoes are the answer. Who said ankle boots have to be flat? Also, if you are still concerned about appearing frumpy, wearing darker colours on the legs will flatter your silhouette and make you appear taller.




4) Socks, glorious socks!

Socks give ankled boots a quirky pop and can make any outfit seem more unique and preppy. They can also add to a layered look and work fabulously with long dusters and trench coats. They’re a fashion item but also a winter necessity. You can look good and be thermal at the same time, who knew? Socks on and WE-RK! 





         Theres a lot of outfit inspiration on this page!  Which look will you experiment with first? Happy shopping!