25 Beauty Tricks That Every Woman Needs To Know

I have read over time a lot of tips, tricks and tricks given by experts, bloggers or simple people who have tested various strategies and products on them. I thought I was starting to share with you some that I find useful and generally valid. It is a list made up of the opinions of makeup artists, hair stylists, skin care gurus and of course beauty consultants. It is a list of beauty tricks that every girl has the right and the duty to know!

In summer, when it is very hot and humid, put on as little makeup as possible, choose a translucent look.

When you go to a cosmetics store, make a list of what you need and respect it.

Apply the excess eye cream on the nail cuticles.

Always keep tampons with you to wipe your makeup that is still flowing or is in excess.

Choose a perfume that represents a perfect match between various notes of flavors.

To prevent hair discoloration during the summer, use a special weekly or bimonthly care treatment.

Did you get pimples before an important event? Take an oral cortisol a few days before the event to release your skin. Do not make a habit of this because this drug also has many side effects.

Choose a pencil or ink with a durable formula that will not let it flow or spread unsightly around the eyes.

Always leave a distance of about two fingers between the eyes and the blush line.

Moisturize your skin and then add the primer.

Balance your makeup: if you have pearly or glittery eyes, opt for matte lips.

Brush your curls with your fingers for a more sloppy look.

In order not to miss your nail polish, apply a transparent varnish every two days.

Use white eye pencil to reduce redness of the eyes.

For a fuller lip look, apply glass in the center of the lip, above and below or with the highlighter in front of the center of the lip.

For a smooth and fixed hair on the back, apply a serum.

For a successful cat-eye line, choose a conical brush at the end.

To create the illusion of more pronounced cheekbones, go with a bronzer under the cheekbone and a highlighter on the cheekbones.

Before drying your hair, apply a volume hairspray or a light gel.

To create more fleshy lips, extend your lip line with a skin-colored lip pencil. Be careful to keep a natural look, do not overdo it!

Be careful to keep the mascara container closed at all times so that it does not dry out.

When you see that a small basket appears and you want to hide it, apply tea tree oil on that area.

In summer, apply a cream with a protection factor of 50 on the foot. It is one of the most exposed areas when burning.

For imperfect skin, look for a cleansing gel with salicylic acid.

When choosing a red lipstick, you must make sure that it matches the shade of your skin. If you have a warm wedding, choose a warmer red, and if you have a cooler skin tone, choose a cooler color.